Stop and Search

Since its inception, the PYE Project has retained and manifested a strong interest in the (mis)use of Stop & Search powers by the police, one of the most contentious policing tactics.

The work carried by the project around stop and search throughout the years, has confirmed that the use of this policing tool is undeniably one of the most controversial and debatable topics amongst young people.

In a survey conducted by PYE in 2012/13, funded by the Home Office, it was revealed that out of the 95 young people interviewed:

53% had either themselves experienced or witnessed close friends or family being stopped and searched
88% felt they did not know what their rights and responsibilities were during
the procedure
68% believed that not enough was being done to educate young people about stop and search
a large majority expressed feelings of fear, distrust and dislike towards the

Our Work

Largely informed by these numbers, our work has focused upon raising awareness and challenging the unlawful, unfair and disproportionate use of Stop and Search powers. We have worked in close partnership with the Safer Neighbourhood Team, who has funded the project to host a series of events in the community and to run workshops for young people.

The workshops we have devised focus mainly on the provision of accessible and easy to understand interactive multimedia presentations, along with highly effective role-play activities. These are designed specifically to educate and inform young people of their rights and responsibilities when being stopped and searched, to determine them to remain calm and cooperative and to understand how to make a complaint if they are subject to bad practice.

The activities undertaken throughout the workshops (e.g. role playing activities on different scenarios that could take place during a stop and search) have been considered effective by both staff and participants for several reasons:

  • They showed that individual responses to stop and search affect the way in which the search is conducted
  • They demonstrated that knowing their rights and responsibilities during a stop and search will increase young people??s confidence and decrease the fear or distrust they might feel
  • It encouraged young people to see stop and search from police officers

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