Gangs and Knife Crime

Since 2009 the PYE Project has been as leading provider of bespoke knife crime prevention programmes in South East London. We have created and delivered probation courses and provided intensive intervention to young people affected and involved with gangs and serious youth violence.

Through 1-to-1 mentoring, group work and community projects we are able to offer targeted interventions to prevent reoffending and facilitate exit strategies for gang affiliated young people. Our knife crime prevention programme has been recognised for good practice by the Home Office and has been used to inform the work of the Ben Kinsella Trust. We continue to work closely with the Lewisham Youth Offending Service, providing their probation and Intensive Supervision and Surveillence (ISS) programmes.

The success of our work is grounded in an approach that acknowledges the transient nature of deviant behaviours. This is why we are able to effect change amongst the hardest to reach, most involved gang members in London.


One of our solutions to gang and knife crime is our Double Edge ProgrammeLearn More



Success Rate

Of participants did not commit a further offence of possession of knife or offensive weapon


Re-offending Rates

Of participants have managed to turn their lives around and have not reoffended at all


Session Rating

Of participants gave an overall rating of very good or excellent on the delivery of sessions


Facilitator Rating

Of participants rated the overall abilities of the facilitators as very good or excellent