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About the Project

MVP is designed to address the offending behaviour of young people within the criminal justice system and is delivered to young people serving custodial sentences in young offender institutions.


  • To reduce the seriousness or frequency of further offending by utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach.
  • Challenge the thinking and moral reasoning underpinning the individuals offending behavior.
  • Reduce violence within the youth offending institution.


  • Engage with the course content and articulate opinions and feelings.
  • Attitudinal and behavioral changes that are sustainable.
  • Evaluate the thought processes that led to offending behaviour and devise personal solutions to prevent re-offending.

The course is divided into three modules: ‘Thoughts, feelings, emotions and identity’, ‘impact of offending’ and ‘skills for success’. Each session is designed in sequence in order to maximize learning, provide space for reflection upon previous session and support individual and group engagement. The programme uses interactive presentations that acknowledge the visual, auditory and kin-esthetic learning styles of the different young people within the group.


PYE has been delivering MVP at Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institution since 2014 and has worked with over 100 young people serving custodial sentences.

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