Inspire To Achieve


About the Project

Inspire to Achieve is a motivational course aimed at young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). Focusing on personal development and employability this course challenges young people to reassess their self-image and their potential to individual success. This course can be adapted to group needs and delivered in 6 to 12 week cycles meeting weekly for 2 hour sessions.


  • Improve employability and/or access to training through personal development
  • Increase individual potential to achieve success and well-being


  • Empowered to make personal developments in their own lives.
  • Have a better understanding of what success means to them and articulate pathways to achieving this.
  • Inspired to make practical steps towards achieving success.
  • Increased experience in work/education settings and exposure to professional cultures.


In partnership with High Trees Community Trust in Tulse Hill, this project has worked with around 80 young people in the London Borough of Lambeth. During one cycle of Inspire to Achieve the project addressed the needs of the group by forming a youth committee to represent the young people in political debates and local issues. A number of participants even attended Lambeth Town Hall to speak on behalf of young people from their housing estate concerning the construction of a secondary school and youth centre in their area.

To celebrate the achievements and progress made during the course the young people were taken to the Crown Plaza Hotel for a day of motivational speeches from a variety of inspirational guests and treated to a 5-star lunch. Young people were also given shirts and ties to commemorate the occasion and to experience the feeling of dressing formally. This event was enjoyed by all and young people expressed their gratitude and positive outlook to the future.


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